Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hello, I'm back! (via Padova, 5terre, Pisa and Siena...)

Hello my dearies!

I'm back at my (home) computer after a couple of weeks of road-tripping and a week or so of playing catch-up at work. This is the first time in a long while that I've had the time to do something for my blog so HERE I AM!!! 

I've missed you guys. Weird, huh? I've never met you, and yet, the blogging community is rather important to my writerly psyche. 

So today I want to share some of my trip with you... I was driving through Italy with a friend of mine. We passed through Padova, the five little villages that go by Cinque Terre, visited the leaning tower of Pisa and the beautiful medieval city of Siena, to finish out trip in Rome. 

Siena, I think, was my favourite - it's one of the few cities I've come across that is pretty much the same as it was hundreds of years ago. It's impressive, and rather awe-inspiring in parts. Going back to Siena to see the Paleo is definitely on my bucket list - for the Paleo they race horses around the main square for the honour of their contrada. It's supposed to be quite a spectacle! Have any of you seen it before? 

So now that I'm back I've started writing again, though it's slow going for some reason. I've managed about 250-400 words the last couple of days, along with some plotting and scene setups (I use index cards for my plot points and scenes - that way I can shuffle them when something doesn't fit...). Not much, but better than nothing, right? 

Anyhows, I'm very glad to be back! 

Yours, most sincerely, 
Delicious sandwiches in Padova

Cinque Terre is full of beautiful views...and apparently there's dirt on my camera lens. Bother.

Yep, this is the leaning tower. With the leaning cypress tree... hmm....

A view in Siena - the city is built on top of a hill. The modern parts are  built on the slopes and lower (see the house on the left), which left the medieval city at the top of the hill, walls and all, virtually undisturbed.

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