Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Insecure Writers' Support Group, #1

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my Blurb. This is my first post for the wonderful Alex J Cavanaugh's Insecure Writers Support Group....

This is a blog hop where we (insecure writers everywhere - or at least those that were lucky enough to come across Alex' Blog) share our thoughts, problems, hopes, dreams, and whatever else occurs to us in our writerly endeavours. It's about having a peer group, getting support, and maybe that all-important little "Go on, you can do it" that we all need at some point or another. 

For me, my writerly life has been put on hold at the moment. This is a recurring theme for me - so much so that I never seem to finish anything - but right now, I have a huge project in the works in my money-paying job (I won't say real life job, because writing is real life, too, isn't it?). I also have a humongous exam I need to pass beginning of March, so I'll probably be offline for most of February. I hate studying, my concentration is rubbish, and I have no time to go to the lectures that may help me along (the day job again). 

So. I have several (countless) WIPs at various stages of (un)development. My "pet", Merle's story (you can read bits about him in my past posts), is about this far *holding up thumb and forefinger* from being done, but...but....there's something wrong with it and I've read and re-read, written and re-written bits and pieces of it so often I've decided to put it aside for a while. It's stewing in my desk drawer right now. 

I also have a cast of favourite characters that always seem to try to pop up in each others' (totally unrelated) stories. They hang around at the back of my mind and try to shout me down on occasion, preferably when I'm in the middle of studying. 


Do you have a couple of favourite characters that don't leave you alone, even if you've put aside the story? Or am I just weird? Or maybe it's my subconscious trying to mess with my studying... 



Here's the rest of the Support Group - this is a blog hop, remember? Go on, say a word to some of the others! 


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