Haiku Riddles

So, here are the Haiku Riddles you've already solved, along with the current comments riddle. Solutions are at the bottom of the page. 

Nr 1
One page on another
dark stains in ordered patterns
knowledge bound together. 

Nr 2
Like teeth sharp and white
surrounded by softest down
they stretch to the stars.

Nr 3
Blue and white flickers
Red and Orange light and warmth
slowly melt away.

Nr 4
Golden eyes await
unseen in the yellowed grass
unseen the danger

Nr 5
There is the netting
two men's minds battle their nerve
the distance precise.

Nr 6
True love in your scent
Your dress the colour of blood
Your name, meaningless.

Nr 7
Hard shell protects me
after crawling through the world
before wings unfurl.

Nr 8
Prickles of warmth run
all across my changing skin
glowing from within.

Nr 9:
The best antiques
to make, you have to listen,
tell all, all the time.

Nr 10:
Soft coloured jelly
hibernating in their bag.
Wait! I'll get you soon.

Nr 11: 
Bubbling and hissing
the water rises like steam
heavenly scents awake!


You shine ever bright
and to the darkest harbours
you guide me safely.

No 13:

Velvet tippy-toes,
Wait, watch, I'm hunting
Snip-Snapping my tail.

No 14:

Dressed in red and white
Bright amongst the dark green firs
A poison (for flies).

No 15: 

Yellow bright, and green,
feathered friends are nesting,
gentle light abounds. 

No 16: 

Three Sundays away, 
mad typing, late nights, 
await the brave ones...

Current Riddle: 

Blooming across the night sky
Little stars floating

What is this?

Nr 1: Book
Nr 2: Mountains
Nr 3: Candle
Nr 4: Lion, or as the lovely Monica Marier @ Attack of the Muses put it: 
Tiger lies in wait,
the tawny antelope gives chase,
better light the grill!
Nr 5: Penalty Shot
Nr 6: Rose (solved by Stu)
Nr 7: Butterfly (solved by RaShelle)
Nr 8: getting sunburned (solved by Erin Kane Spock)
Nr 9: Friends (solved by AnnaParkerBrittain)
Nr 10: Gummi Bears (solved by Erica)
Nr 11: Coffee (solved by JC Martin)
Nr 12: North Star/Stars (sorry I lost track there were maybe 5 of you who solved this on the same day!)
Nr 13: Cat (solved by Raquel)
Nr 14: Toadstool (first solved by Alberta Ross)
Nr 15: Spring
Nr 16: NaNoWriMo 

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