Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Insecure in the New Year


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Hello my dearies and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

I hope you've all survived the holidays with nerves (and heads and bank accounts) more or less in tact and are ready to face 2013 head on.

Well, I'm not sure I'm ready, but here it is, anyway.

2013. Yikes.

So... as I do most years, I've sat down during the last weeks of December and tried to decide what I want to accomplish in my own personal 2013. Then I went and did the absolutely wrong thing - I decided to compare that list with the one I made last year.

Guess what.

Things repeat.

Most things don't, that's true, too - but the things I HAVE in fact accomplished last year pale in my mind's eye when compared to those all-important points that I did not accomplish - most of which, and this pains me most, have to do with my writing.

Last year, I wanted to finish the short stories I was working on, and at least try to submit maybe half of those.

This year, I'm still going to be working on them - yes, even though they're supposed to be SHORT stories, it's taking me ages. I don't think I'm made for short anything.

Last year, I wanted to choose one of my many many ideas and work on that until it at least resembles a novel.

This year, I still need to decide on one that I'll work on, because my Mr Muse suffers from serious SADD (Story Attention Deficit Disorder, in case you're wondering).

Last year, I wanted to sort out my blogging - adhere to some sort of schedule, stop forgetting about things. Turns out I was MISERABLE at that last year.

This year, I still need to sort out my blog.

How about you, my dearest fellow insecurists? What goals are you working towards, and do your lists find repeats, too?

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