Monday, 10 May 2010

Deleted Scene Blogfest - I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Allright my dears, I'm so sorry it took me so long. Emergency surgery was performed on my computer but it didn't survive, unfortunately. So I'm still stuck on my friend's computer, and had to do a complete rewrite, so I hope you'll forgive this last-second (or rather very much too late) patch job...

So this is my entry for the Deleted Scene Blogfest hosted by Mia of My Literary Jam and Toast.

It's a little monologue by the Dark Passenger that accompanies Dexter from Jeff Lindsay's books (you might have seen the TV series?). I'm sorry it's not very humorous (and rather short), but like I said, emergency last second effort, heavily influenced by the fact that I've just finished the latest Jeff Lindsay book... hope you forgive me!!!

I am Dexter and I am not. I am darkness and the absence of light. I am everything and I am nothing. I am the beginning, but mostly, I am the end. 

Your end. You think I don't know what you've done? I can smell it, I can see it, I can taste it on the heavy night air, taste it along with the salt from the ocean and the heavy perfumed sweetness of tropical flowers in full bloom. It's right there, your sin, somewhere in the corner of your mouth, a little spot on your otherwise pristeen white shirt, in that vanilla-lemon scent you wear on your skin. 

I'm watching you, all the time. There's darkness there, too, but nothing like me, nothing at all like me, I am unique, I am singular, I am the Dark Passenger. 

You cannot hope to fool me.  

It would be so easy, so simple, to move that which is Daytime Dexter to the side, to drive this body to the side, to move it closer to you, silently. I am lethal in the dark, and you cannot stop me. I could pick up the knife, use the edge to carve pretty red lines into your skin, could slip it into your soft pink flesh just so, between that rib and its neighbour, right through the lungs, no need at all to hit the heart, and watch the life leak out of you in little red bubbles. 

I hold back and leave Dexter in the driver's seat. I am the consumate predator. With unlimited patience I wait in the back of his mind. He smiles at you, even says thank you. I have not told him yet what you have done, given no hint, but I have time, for I am endless, and he will see it, see your sin, in the end. 

I let him pick up the knife. He is darkness, too, he will do what is necessary. 

But he does not use it as I would. He hears the pull of the heavy blue moon outside as much as I do, but he has ideas, does my Dexter, ideas Harry taught him, about blending. He does not truly want to punish all the wrongs I smell on the wind, take away all those who do not know how to keep me at a distance. He insists on wrongdoing, just as Harry taught him, to be the eyes for Justice and even the scales where she cannot.  

Useless lesson. I am darkness. It is my nature to hide things, to blend the shadows. I'm leaving the knife to Dexter, am I not? I smell it on you, smell the sweetness of the sin you've committed, unforgivable sacrilege.  

But don't think, don't ever imagine, that I do not know. I may not tell Dexter everything, but I know. I know everything. I lean a little to the side to take a look through Dexter's eyes and watch him open the box of carrot cake you brought for him. 

He finally feels the darkness because he frowns.  

"Wait", Dexter says, and I rejoice. 

He smells it, too. He sees it, tastes the smooth, rich sweetness of your sin on the air. He is not quite as much Harry's child as he'd like to be. Now we will follow the moon's dark call, do what we must, punish the wrong, use that knife as it was meant to.

"Deb! You ate all the icing!" 

That's if for me, please don't forget to have a look at all the other entries for this Blogfest, I'm absolutely certain they are better than mine...   ; )


Mia said...

I ticked wicked as in OhMyGosh THIS IS SO COOL AND WELL WORTH THE APOLOGY AND WAIT!! (not as in evil, although it could be... I don't know, all I ever seem to write about is murder of late so I really can't comment)

This was BRILLIANT! I have to confess I haven't read the books but I think I will have to look into them now. From the very first lines you had me gripped to my chair.

Well done! Thank you so much for taking part!!

Tessa Conte said...

Thanks, Mia! The books are great, much better than the TV version, I can definately recommend them...deliciously evil stuff!!

Tessa Conte said...

I've always loved the word "wicked" - evil and yet english public school slang for cool!

KarenG said...

ooh boy, give me more! I love dark novels. I better go check out this Jeff Lindsay, if this is how he writes, and add his books to my to read list.

Dawn Embers said...

Well done. I know nothing of the show or the books but the lines really read well. I enjoyed them and could get into such writing. Nice work.

Genie of the Shell said...

Aw, that sucks about your computer! I hate when computers die.

This is a very cool piece to whip out at the last minute, though. Very dark and evil!

How will Deb be punished for eating the icing???

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