Tuesday, 6 July 2010


So, it's come to my attention that I've reached 


on my blog!!


How did that happen?? 


Because I'm doing a blogfest on July 18th (The Blogfest of Death) (what? you haven't joined yet? Do it NOW!) I'm not going to do the normal sort of contest. Instead, I'm offering a postcard from Spain to 

5 lucky people! 

To get one (if you want one), tell me, via comments, why you deserve to get one...

I'll be choosing the 5 most creative/funny/compelling entries on friday, so put on your writing hat and have at it.

PS. Keep in mind that you'll have to mail me your address if you want a postcard.

PPS. If I have less than 10 entries maybe you'll all get one, we'll see.  

PPPS. You can also tell me if you want a scenic postcard, one of the Old Town or a nightime scene. 

ALSO don't forget to check out my TUESDAY TAG ENTRY @ CRITIQUE THIS WIP!!!
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