Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pen or Keyboard? - A Necessities of (writing) Life post

Like most people these days, I'm surgically attatched to my laptop - or so it seems some days. I have lots of word processing stuff - Scrivener (cool), Pages (classic) and Texteditor (boring) to name but a few, and I've been known to use all of them when the mood strikes me.


When I'm REALLY in a writing mood, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats pen and paper. The feel of ink flowing across the page, the physical act of turning a page when you've filled it with WORDS, the slight crampy feeling in my hand when I've written page upon page upon page... using a laptop just can't relate.

It's also really hard to doodle at the edge of a computer screen or keyboard.

I'm at a stage of I'm-so-stuck-yness right now that I'm considering putting away my laptop altogether (for writing, that is, God knows what I'd do without email, twitter, blog, tumblr, facebook.....I'm addicted, right? *sigh*), and get out a good old notebook and pen. Preferably a fountain pen, they just feel so much better when flowing across the page.

In fact, they're the only implement that really does flow - I tend to push to hard with pencils and normal ballpoint pens and that either makes these letter-shaped dents on all pages beneath the one I'm using or it gives me horrid cramps in my hand (I guess I'm getting old). I also managed to dislocate my little finger twice yesterday whilst writing *shudder*, but then I'm weird that way.

How does the writing process work for you? Do you feel more creative on a keyboard or when using pen and paper? Does your Muse have a preference either way?

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