Tuesday, 12 July 2011

10 Things about summer holidays

I'm on holiday. I'm guessing a fair percentage of you guys are, too... or about to go, or already back. Here's 10 things I think everyone on summer holidays should remember/think of/have fun with...

  1. Summer holidays require...wait for it...SUN. Ideally including sand and water of some sort or another. If you can't get to the beach, bring the beach to you... buy a mini zen garden, stirr the sand (ideally once it's warm from the sun) with your fingers (maybe sprinkle some on your hair for extra post-beach shower feeling later on). Have some ice-cold lemonade, or sangria. Put on your sunglasses and enjoy. Hey, presto, instant beach feeling. 
  2. Most summer holidays involve traffic jams or airport waiting times of some sort. So really, think about that zen garden. 
  3. Heat is nice. Unless you forget your sunscreen, your bottle of water, or your airconditioning is broken. Again with the zen garden. 
  4. Remember that pre-summer diet you meant to go on? Forget about it. Put it back on your schedule for post-christmanstime... 
  5. Summer holidays mean time to relax, to be yourself, to recharge those batteries. Don't forget that! Holidays can be stressful - don't let it get to you. Zen garden, I'm telling you. 
  6. BEFORE you go on holiday, sit down and write one of those "Last Summer I did..." essays we all used to dread be thrilled about when we were in school... write down everything you think your summer holiday should be about, then go to sleep. The next morning, read it and set out to do as much of the stuff in that essay as you can manage. 
  7. If you're going on holiday with your family, pack some extra patience (and anything that might help you with that - sugary treats, books, favourite music, whatever). You'll probably need it.
  8. Don't go for one of those student-type get-as-drunk-as-possible holidays. You do want to remember what you were up to, right? Or maybe you don't...
  9. Write postcards to friends and family. In the days of electronic everything, it's unbelievably nice to have something other than bills and/or stuff you ordered yourself in your mail. Also, it's nice to have a box of them and leaf through them on occasion. 
  10. Don't vanish off the face of the earth when you go on holiday. I have a bad habit of doing this - not answering my phone when I'm away and all that. Thanks to modern technology for making keeping in touch so easy... #lazyTessa... 
Last but not least... HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!! Let me know if you want a postcard from Spain... ; P

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