Thursday, 7 July 2011

Blogfest, I Hate You! (+giveaway/contest)

As promised...

(*sorry, in the process of reorganizing my blog I seem to have mislaid the picture*)

OK, OK, so I overdid the design a bit... sorry 

; P

I'm calling it the Hatefest for short. (MWAHAHAHA and all that) 

Here's the rules my dearies: 

  1. Sign up by the end of August 12th
  2. On August 12th, post a story, an excerpt of your work or a poem you've written that shows HATE of some form or another - your character hates someone, someone hates your character, or maybe you hate someone/something? 
  3. Once you've posted, go check out the other entries and share some comment love! 
  4. Don't forget to link back to my blog when you post so people can find the other entries
If you want to win something... 

Now, for this blogfest, I shall be giving away some ebooks for your reading pleasure... 

by my bloggy friend
Roland Yeomans

Purple Knot

by Raquel Byrnes, another fellow blogger


by Stuart Sharp, who does the funniest lists on his blog

So if you want to qualify for the one of these, you have to do the following in addition to the stuff up above:

  • Post your entry on August 12th, not later (date on post counts) - 1 extra entry
  • Advertise the Hatefest on your blog (sidebar note by Aug 6th) - 1 extra entry
  • Advertise the Hatefest on your blog (badge in sidebar by Aug 6th) - 1 extra entry
  • Do a blog post advertising the Hatefest (please tell me the link in comments so I don't miss it) - 2 extra entries
  • Advertise the Hatefest on twitter using #theHATEfest (and @tessasblurb to be sure I don't miss it) - 1 extra entry
  • Follow me on my blog, twitter or FB - 2 entries
  • Comment on at least two other Hatefest entries (mine doesn't count) - 1 entry
The 3 winners shall then be chosen by and announced on August 18th. If you want to take part in the giveaway/contest but you already have one or more of those books, let me know so you don't get a double...

And finally, here's the Linky list!

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