Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Insecure, almost in Lent

My dear, dearest fellow Insecurists!

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Welcome to this month's support group post on my lately very blurry blurb. I've been remiss - as usual - to do the blogging I've been meaning to do this month, and my writing quota isn't even close to being filled.

In fact, I've done hardly any (creative) writing at all this year. Nothing, nada, niente. There are endless oh so reasonable explanations for why this is so, all of which I'm sure I've used before.

The only thing to say, in truth, is this: I am not organized enough to find time to write. And how lame is that??

I suck.


ps. please excuse the short I'm-depressed rant, but I'm really not feeling to good about this right now, so I'm going to post this and hope some of you tell me it's normal to feel that way at times... hint, hint??


Dawn Embers said...

I know how you feel. Over the years in blogging and in writing I can go from feast to famine during various times of the year. I have months where I do basically nothing, and other months where I post every day or say write over 100k. And I'm terrible at scheduling. I've read not a single page of a novel this year. Not one.

I am trying to get my plans in order and organizing my time to put priority to and what is less important.

Not sure that helps. I hope you find a way around it and get creative again.

Charity Bradford said...

We all have dry spells. Take a break, live some life, and then come back when you feel like it. It's your life after all, right?

Good luck and I hope you find your spark again. (sometimes getting organized helps, other times it can kill the spontaneity)

Lauren said...

It's normal to feel that way at times. :)


VR Barkowski said...

It is most definitely normal to feel this way. I spent a lot of time last year getting my writing life in order because I was miserable. For the first time, I was honest with myself about why I write. That's when things began to turn around. I still can't seem to eek out more than a couple blog posts a month, and my ms is inching a long at a miserable pace, but the work is good and I'm happy writing again.

Give yourself some time.

~VR Barkowski

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Oh, Tessa, it is all right. We've all felt that way. I recommend forcing yourself through it unitl the fire ignites again.

Tessa Conte said...

Thank you, everyone!

Guess what? I managed to write an entire paragraph this morning! Yay me.

Ashley Nixon said...

Maybe it's a March thing? Cause I feel like that, too! I'm going to blame school. lol.

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