Monday, 1 April 2013

Going Nowhere

Hello my dearies,

long time no blog! Sorry about that (again). This year I'm not taking part in the A-Z blogging challenge, because really, my blogging track record sucks socks lately - no point in totally setting myself up for failure, right?

For those of you who are taking on the challenge, GOOD LUCK!!!

As to writing, I'm kinda stuck right now (not much new there, but hey). I have so many ideas my head is about to burst with them, I need to fix the topic for my PhD, I have piles and piles of work on my desk and my shelves are messy ass h+##... I have a thing about my books being in order, so this is kinda driving me nuts. Does that make me weird?

Do you have a system for the books on your shelves? Does it bother you if something's in the wrong place??

All in all, I pretty much feel like I'm going nowhere. Nowhere at all. I really need a road map.
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