Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Insecure Writers are all over the place...

Hello my dearies,

welcome to the monthly Insecure Writers' Post!

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Dear Fellow Insecurists,

Thank you for taking the time to click on my little link and pop in for a visit! I'm especially grateful since I've been a bad little writer lately - I've neglected my blog, I've neglected my writing, and Mr Muse is sulking in some dark corner. The only writerly thing going on right now in my life is the proliferation of plot bunnies tripping me up at every step (maybe it's an easter thing??).

I've never, ever, found myself lacking in ideas, you see. What I don't have is staying power and conviction - exactly what it takes to make it through to the end of whatever you're writing, never mind all subsequent drafts and/or any editing that WILL be necessary before said writing is ready for public consumption.

Yes, it's definitely the keep-with-the-programm part of it that I can't seem to manage, never mind what writing strategy I follow (plot or no plot, detailed characterisation or natural development, brainstorms or master plots or whatever). The story is always there, right in my head, somewhere behind my eyes or perhaps my ears, but it's the journey of words from that place to the tips of my fingers and from there onto the paper is what's hard.

It's work. Hard work. And right now, my actually paying job is taking up most of my time.

What about you? Which part of the writing process do you struggle most with? And I'm not talking about editing, but anything that happens before you write that crucial last word. Is it the beginning, the middle, or the very end that gets you?

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