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Get Healthy! - The Blog Hop

Hello my dearies! Welcome to my blog for today's Get Healthy Blog Hop!

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Today's all about getting healthy and staying healthy. I think we all have days we feel better and days we feel less healthy. Last year, I had a really bad I-feel-so-unhealthy day, and decided it was time for a change. I'd been meaning to do something for ages, but this time, my resolve held firm. I went on a diet, started doing lots of sports, and now, a year and a couple of months later, I'm 13 kg lighter and a whole lot fitter. I went from a jeans size 32 to a 27, 26 on good days. I feel a lot better about myself.

So I can tell you it's possible to change out of personal experience. All you need is a plan and a whole lot of willpower, along with the ability to get back up if you fall down. Backsliding is part of the process, the point is that you realise you're slipping and FIX IT as soon as you possibly can.

I started my better-me project by going swimming first twice, then three times a week. I didn't count how many laps I swam, I just made a point of not getting out of the water before 30 minutes were over, and over time, I managed more and more in the same amount of time. I started with swimming because it's easy on the joints, you can do it really, really slowly, it's easy enough to take a break after every lap if you want to without looking/feeling like a complete and utter failure, and - this was important for me - once I went through the effort of getting to the pool, getting changed, and getting in the water, I wasn't likely to give up half way through my set time.

After a while, I felt better about myself and that's when I started running. That's what I still do, mostly, and though I'm not particularly fast (my average at the moment is 7:10 min/km), I can feel my body adjusting and getting stronger, I know I can go further and further without needing a break. Maybe, just maybe, I'll have enough courage to join a race (my ultimate goal: finish a half marathon).

Much more recently I've started going to Bikram Yoga classes whenever I have the opportunity (I posted on the similarities between Bikram Yoga and writing in case you're interested), and I'm really liking that, too.

What do you do to get in shape and/or stay that way? Have you had one of those days when you know you have to change, and you went and did it? Would you like to know what diet I went on (I didn't want to bore you with that here)?

ps. I've started a blog to keep track of what I'm doing, health-wise... Lemons, Mokka and Green Tea

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