Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Insecure. Still.

Hi there! It's the First Wednesday once again...

Welcome to my blog for another post where I tell you about all my little insecurities. Or at least some of them.

Ok only one today, but it's a big one.

I have this short story I wrote some time ago, a horror story, and I've been editing and re-editing and leaving it be for a long time now. Some of my bloggy writerly friends have read it and given me some pointers, but still, I'm not happy.

I mean I like the story, but I don't have the confidence to let anyone I know less well than my writing group buddies. Never mind actually trying to get it published.

So yes, I'm insecure. Really, really, insecure. And I'm incapable of letting go of my 'babies'.


ps. say hi to all the other Insecurists out there...

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