Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summertime vs Time in Summer

Well, it's official. Summer is here, it's hot, the sun is shining, I'm working my way up to a tan as much as that's possible with factor 50 sunscreen, people are on holiday all over the place. Things at work are getting on at the pace of a snail on sleeping pills, because everyone who'd do anything useful is on holiday. Nothing constructive seems to get done.

Sounds like I'd have lots of time to write, no?

Unfortunately, things don't seem to work like that. My time is eaten up by work (mostly planning for what must be done as soon as everyone is back from the holidays...), planning my own holiday, getting that tan and trying to keep all that ice cream from sticking to my hips by running away from it for about 7 km every two days.

So when do I write? I don't even seem to have time to socialize properly.

I suck. And I'm failing miserably at Camp Nano, too.

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