Friday, 23 August 2013

On Holiday - A Write, Edit, Publish Bloghop post

Hello my dearies!

I hope summer is treating you well and you've had a chance to go on holiday and enjoy all that warmth. I'm on holiday right now, as a matter of fact - which is both good for and bad for my writing, all at the same time. For one, I'm regaining some of the energy that gets lost if all you do is work. On the other hand, holidays are not precisely conductive to actually sitting down and writing - what with all the sun and beachy things to enjoy.

So I post here for you, for Denise's Write...Edit...Publish bloghop,  not what I originally wanted to post, and what I have, in fact, been working on whenever I actually made it to my computer, because that something is not finished (or perhaps not fit for human consumption). Instead, I give you this:

Hot skin salt water
scent of brine and coconuts
Finally! The beach. 

The flickering air
covers multitudes of sand
fata morgana

Or, for the occasion of someone bumping into my car this morning (nothing happened, but my license plate was loose and had to be screwed back on) (and all that before my morning coffee)... 

Stop and reverse now
mirrors are decoration
never mind others.

Patience and temper
elusive, hot, cold, shaking.
Deep breath and onwards.

Well, that's all, folks! I hope you like my little Haikus (or as much of a haiku as I manage, anyhow). How are your holidays? Get lots of writing done? 

Don't forget to pop by the Write...Edit...Publish blog and see who else is taking part!

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