Sunday, 25 May 2014

Quoting Sunday - Gardner

I've been reading John Gardner's The Art of Fiction - Notes on Craft for Young Writers this past week. It's a great book on craft, and I love Gardner's tone. He can be deliciously vicious at times (or arrogant, if you want to put it like that), but he writes a good game and I think I can safely recommend his book if you like reading about the craft of writing. 

Here's a bit that made me laugh (I guess you could also see it as slightly offensive, but I'm going to go ahead and consider it humorous): 

As a matter of fact, most of the books one finds in drugstores, super-markets, and even small-town public libraries are not well written at all; a smart chimp with a good creative-writing teacher and a real love of sitting around banging a typewriter could have written books vastly more interesting and elegant. 
John Gardner in The Art of Writing Fiction 


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