Friday, 14 January 2011

Show vs Tell Blogfest... before the Rose Emperor

I only heard about this blogfest when I saw Roland's entry go up early, so my own entry is a little haphazard.... but you see, one of the pictures just sort of matched a plot bunny that's been haunting me so here I go.

This Blogfest is about Showing vs Telling, and is brought to us by the wonderful Misty @ Writer's Block - oh wait! I mean blog...

So here goes.... uhm...not sure I'm getting this right but I'm sure you'll let me know.


I looked down at Thane, not quite believing the guilt I saw in his eyes. That bastard, he'd betrayed me. So much for the bond he'd sworn. I glanced down at him and had to struggle not to spit right in his oh so pretty face. The last thing we needed was th eRose Emperor laughing at us. 


Cold seeped into my knees from the icy white marble. I turned my face to her, my consort. It was as cold as the stone beneath me. The way she stood she was framed by the flowing blood-red robes of the Emperor's personal guard. Just behind her shoulder, the guard captain's smirk contrasted perfectly with the angry V between her eyes. There was no sound to echo against the walls of the vast throne room, no rustle of cloth, no spoken word. I wanted to break the silence, to take that frown from her face. One word would not do it, though, and all I could do was lift my hand towards her, hope no doubt in my eyes. 

There, that's it. Short, I know, but it's a last minute entry and I'm really struggling with the writing at the moment. I have lots of ideas in my head, whole scenes, but then I sit down and the words just won't come.

Wish me luck, maybe it'll go better tomorrow. And now tell me what you think of this and then off with you to read the other entries (HERE).

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