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No Kiss Blogfest

Today's the day for the

Here's what Frankie said to do: 

1) Sometime between now and Jan 2, 2011 write a post about the No Kiss Blogfest to let everyone know you are participating and that they should too. Why? Because it's awesome!

2) Sign up for No Kiss Blogfest by filling in the Mr. Linky below.  Because Mr. Linky is awesome.

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4) After you've recovered from New Years Eve, write a blog sharing your Almost Kiss, No Kiss Blogfest entry (either one from your WIP, one you just wrote, one from a book, movie or tv show)and post on January 2, 2011!!!

Sorry my entry is a bit late (but it's still the 2nd!!), I drove home today from a friend's house and got stuck in the traffic jam FROM HELL. 2 1/2 hours for a 1-hour journey.

Here's my entry. I'm not going to tell you about it - I want you to read it with an open mind and then tell me what impression you got. ; )


Mary rubbed her hands over her tired face, wiping away the tears that escaped her eyes. They'd done it again, just as they had so many times before. They'd sent her away with some transparent excuse of an errand he'd ordered. 

He would never have sent her away, and she could not believe He knew what his so-called disciples were up to. 

Like children, she thought, they were jealous of the time he gave her, a mere woman. A widow, yes, and thus permitted into their company without great danger to her reputation, but a woman still. 

Not worthy of the secret teachings. 

"Mary," a voice called from somewhere behind her, deep and smooth. She smiled, lips parting in a broad grin almost in spite of herself. She stopped and turned, hands bunching in the fabric of her dress. He'd come to speak to her. 

Just her. 

"Mary, why are you not with the others?" he asked, laying a soft hand on her shoulder. "Come, we must go to them. They are waiting on us." 

She could see it in his eyes. He knew what they did behind his back. How could he not? He would not be who - what - he was, and not know. 

"I am here," Mary said, the very thought of tears gone from her mind. "I am always here for you, and always will be." 

His hand tightened on her shoulder, his fingers moving, almost caressing her. "Don't let it touch you, what they think, what they say," he whispered, his face very close to hers. 

She felt like she was drowning in his eyes, so full of love and knowlege and, she sometimes thought, pain. They were so close now his every breath caressed her face. Her gaze jumped down to his full lips and back to his eyes. She'd dreamed about him kissing her, and woken up with a pounding heart and a guilty mind. He was not hers to touch, though perhaps he'd welcome it, perhaps he needed it. 

Now he was so close, so very close, the warmth of his body seeping across the scant space between them, warming her very heart. He smiled, then, and just barely shook his head. 

"Come, Mary, we must return or they will search for us." 


So there, almost a kiss...but not. Now tell me what you think and then off with you to read the other entries HERE.

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