Friday, 11 November 2011

Birth of a Novel or How Tessa is Rubbish at Keeping Up

Major Tessa Fail, here.

I meant to do this post on Tuesday. It's Friday today. What is wrong with me! And it's only Week 2 of NaNoWriMo, so no excuses there.

Although, come to think of it, Monday is about where my NaNo's at, wordcount wise. I'm at least 8000 words behind, and no hope of catching up any time soon. Maybe ever. NaNo keeps telling me that at this rate I will finish after Christmas (if I'm lucky), which is just SOOO cheery.

I don't know what's going wrong this year. Last year I practically breezed through NaNo (ok maybe it was more of a bumble but still), this year I can't seem to string two words together in a line, never mind a sentence. It's not even funny.

My story is completely stuck, what plot I had has come undone, and no replacement looming on the horizon, either. My Muse is apparently on holiday, and inspiration is slow going, if that. I'm piecing things together one very painful word at a time and it isn't getting me anywhere.

I blame the fog.

You see, for the last couple of days (weeks) we've had little but foggy weather around here. Ideal writing weather, no?

No. Because apparently, when there's a fog, everything at work decides to go wrong and/or need my personal attention, which leaves me with a) little time to write b) no brain cells left to think with at the end of the day, never mind type up some words. I'm seriously considering an investment into a dictaphone, though - who knows, maybe I can find the energy to talk, at least. Though goodness knows when I'll have the time to transcribe that (probably at 23:55 on November 30th, knowing me).

OK enough whining for now. How are you guys and gals doing with your NaNo? Everything on track, or are you perhaps one of those depressingly cheerful over-achievers who will end up with a gazillion words at the end of November, all of it neatly edited and wrapped up with a pink bow? Or maybe you're in the middle of a train-of-thought-wreck like me, and in dire need of some novelist first aid?

I use chocolate for that. It has just the right consistency to patch up brains and mend hearts, you know?

Ahem. So here's the other Birth of a Novel NaNoWriMo-ists, do go give them the shout-outs I couldn't give them this week...

Brooke Busse

Charity Bradford

Elizabeth Poole

Fida Islaih


Lena Hoppe

Mia Hayson

Miranda Hardy

Nyxie Moon

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
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