Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Birth of a Novel - sort of, anyway

Today, I'm a Winner.

Yes, you read correctly. I finished my NaNo-Experience of the year at 50,800 words. Good thing, too, since I won't be able to do any writing tomorrow! 

Just over 50 000 words of utter nonesense, now that I'm re-reading it, but it's there, so YAY! I went ahead and ordered myself a Winner T-Shirt. Spend when you're winning, I say. The story, as it stands, will probaby live at the bottom of my endless story drawer (endless coz the stories will never end - get it, huh, huh?), never again to see the light of day until I'm brave enough to do a re-write. 

Instead of touching that particular story now, I'm off to work on last year's NaNo, instead. I'm even considering the whole write one, sub one thing for next year - that's like NaNo all year long, pressure wise. 

No idea if I'll dare, but maybe...who knows...

Thank you to everyone who popped in on my sporadic blogposts - I love you guys!!! 


And special hello and thanks to my fellow Birth-of-a-Novel-ers - sorry I've been so uncommunicative, but not updating my wordcount regularly and being offline a lot helped me get to the end this year. I'm gonna go say hi to you now....

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