Tuesday, 27 December 2011

10 Things I didn't do in 2011

Christmas is over and the whole year is coming to an end. It's time to take stock, sort out my desk and make the inevitable collection of what-to-do-next-year list.

So I thought I'd share with you guys all those things on my list that are going to make it onto next year's list, too... *sigh*

OK so I'll only share 10 things, but believe me, there's more.

  1. Finish one of the WIPs to the point where it can actually be submitted somewhere
  2. Stop hopping from one idea to the next shiny new thing
  3. Actually organize my desk rather than just shuffling papers to and fro
  4. Lose weight (yea, perpetual favourite there)
  5. Be consistent with my blogging. Okay, so that worked for the first part of the year, but I've really been lazy blog-wise lately and I'm sorry to have lost touch with so many of my bloggy friends. I shall endeavour to do better! 
  6. Complete several reading challenges. I did pretty well, considering - I managed the 100-books thing on Goodreads - but I've been really, really lax in blogging about it or even keeping my lists up to date.
  7. I managed to fail my own (!!) reading challenge - I've only gotten through five classics this year, and didn't write a single review. #headdesk, as one would say on Twitter. 
  8. Finish my (second) degree, which failed due to administrative problems (apparently I'm not the only one who messes with paperwork). 
  9. I also wanted to write a couple of short stories. I managed exactly one, and even that one is not looking good in edits. Maybe I'm not cut out for keeping things short? 
  10. Go visit more blogs and comment regularly, which is like the common-courtesy-handshake-thingy of the blogging world. And yet I failed so many times. My bad. Forgive me? 
Anyhows, I hope I'll manage to get more stuff done in 2012.... 

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