Wednesday, 18 July 2012

And there she goes again...

Hello my dearies!

Welcome (back) to my Blurb. I hope you've all been well in the past few months of my sporadic blogging. I'm sorry I haven't been around much! I was busy, but that's not really an excuse.

But I'm SO GOOD with excuses! To myself, mostly. That's also known as


as a writer, you may have come across that word before. Maybe you've experienced it personally, physically, made its acquaintance, argued about which side of the bed you want it to sleep on. 

On that note, I tidied my desk today - dusted everything, even the pens (...I know...), then I sorted through the stacks of paper holding up the air above the desk, put them into boxes or the bin, depending, and then...then I went for a run...then I tried to decide what I'm going to wear to this wedding I'm going to this weekend...oh, and I had to do some work, too. 

Yep, Procrastination, thy name is Tessa. Or the other way round, as the case may be. 



I've already told you about the Writing Diary thingy I started. I'm determined to make good use of it!!! My goal for tomorrow: make an actual schedule for writing that involves some measure of written word per day. What I really need to do, you see, is get into the habit...because I'm scarily far away from that right now. 

I promise I'll let you know tomorrow how I'm doing with the goal-setting.....

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