Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pet Peeves - when you sit down at your desk

In case you did not notice, I took part in the epic A-Z Blogging Challenge last month. (Really? You didn't notice? Where have you been!!??!!) One of my most popular posts was P for Pet Peeves (when reading)...

So I've decided to get a clue and make this a recurring theme. I have MORE than enough Pet Peeves, after all...

Today's topic is pet peeves

when you sit down at your desk.

You know that moment you sit down at your desk - for work or writing pleasure - and the world just drops away and your mind snaps into high gear? It's a rare thing, but it does happen. 

Here's what stops that great I'm-going-to-get-something-done feeling and makes me feel like I shouldn't have bothered getting up, after all: 

  • My coffee mug is almost empty.

  • My pen is running out of ink. Or the printer is. Actually, it's usually the printer - I tend to have lots of spare pens lying about. 
  • The phone rings whilst I'm sorting out the bookkeeping. Or writing contracts. Or plotting. Or anything not conductive to interruptions. Same goes for people knocking on the office door. 
  • The printer is out of paper. 
  • The dogs/children/husband/wife desperately need you to let them out/go shopping/pay attention. Preferably when you're in the middle of a meeting/phone call. 
There's more, of course, but I'll stop ranting now I think. What about you? Pet peeves that snap you out of that perfect working space of mind? (not writing space of mind, mind you, unless that's your job - writing deserves it's very own pet peeves day I think!)


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