Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TEA or COFFEE? - A Necessities of (writing) Life post

Hello, my name is Tessa, and I'm addicted to coffee. 

I drink tea with breakfast for the most part, but after that, it's coffee, coffee, coffee. Waaaay too much of it, probably. I tried switching to green tea (actually I try that about once a month) but this is usually crowned with spectacular failure and a rather grumpy sort of day on my part. 

I do grumpy very well, if I do say so. In fact, I've been told my employees are scared of me.... (insert evil grin right here, please). Now now, I'm not the evil gremlin sort of boss...(more of a dark sidhe if anything, pretty please), it's just that I work in a mostly male-dominated sort of domain and if I don't put my foot down people have a tendency to walk all over me. I can play the dumb blond girlie if I need to, I just prefer  not having to do that. 

So, back to the coffee. The only time I can reasonably do without is in summer, when cold lemonade (preferably with a touch of hierbabuena) and Pepsi Max (TM) or Coke Zero (TM) prevail. Or iced soya chai from Starbucks (TM) (see me being proper with trademarks!! I've had my coffee today, you see...)(I'm vaguely lactose intolerant, in case you were wondering). 

Other than during hot weather, I am not to be held accountable for my actions before I've had at least two cups of tea (proper english tea with milk) or a cup of coffee. 

The need to be caffeinated increases exponentially when I'm writing. Apparently, my Muse is addicted to the stuff, too. He tends to sulk in a dank dark corner of my mind until I give in and dunk him in a nice cappuccino like a home-made cantucci biscuit (yep I make those myself and they're good, thank you very much). 

What about you? What beverage is absolutely essential to your survival? What's your Muse's favourite drink? 

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