Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Good Intentions and Daytime TV

Hello my dearies,

So... you may have noticed that I've missed a couple of days in my October Blogathon. Well. Turns out that at that wedding I went to last weekend, the one with the photos? I caught some sort of stomach bug that's had me in bed till now, with nary the energy to read a book, never mind write anything.

I had to resort to daytime TV, can you imagine the horror??

OK so it wasn't all that bad... I haven't actually seen any Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis: Murder episodes in ages, and it was rather fun watching reruns of my childhood/early teen favourites. Did you ever watch one of those series? Apart from the eighties-ish style horrors that crop up they were rather good - classic whodunit with lots of humour thrown in for good measure. I must admit that I don't usually read that sort of thing, but watching them was certainly entertaining.

Do you like watching classic whodunits? Or reading them? What's your favourite entertainment when you're ill and can't really do anything that involves thinking?

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