Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saturday Night

Hello my dearies!

It's saturday night and I'm home alone, watching the most inane casting show ever. Is there such a thing as "Supertalent" in US television? I'm going to guess the answer to that one is either YES or SOON. These kind of things tend to be epidemic. Have you ever watched on of those? 

Does the world need a pair of dogs playing For Elise on a doggy-adapted piano? So the kid rapping and dancing is cute but really? And the guy who really can't sing, we all know he's there for comic relief, right? 

But it did get me thinking. What if there were a casting show for writers (ok so I'm assuming there isn't there?). What would it look like? How would it work? And then I realized that really, what are we doing here? 

Blogging, I mean. Isn't this kind of like a social-networky talent show? How many followers do you have, and do you really care? Is it just about the pleasure of writing for you or is it all about having a tangible (well, sort of) measure of your writerly popularity? 

And then there's the blogfests... which gives me an idea... *puts on thinking hat* 

I'll leave you with the suspense on that one and let you know when I've figured it out! 


ps. word of the day today is "snollygoster"... *snigger*
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