Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Paris and back again

Soooo some of you might have heard, I've been off on a short trip this weekend. Paris was beautiful!!! I was there with a cousin of mine and we had a perfect weekend of shopping and art. It was great. The Louvre is always an experience, and definately worth more than one visit (I've been before but it's HUGE so there's always something else to see). And because it was such a nice trip, I'm sharing some photos with you... ; P

Place de la Concorde with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Would have been nice if the tree had been in bloom already... ah well. 

Isn't this brilliant? A statue that includes a matress?? 

Groovy baby

stung by a scorpion... you can see it there in the middle

Michaelangelo's Dying Slave *snort*

and this is my favourite - Ares at rest... 
Nice, no?

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