Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Paris and back again

Soooo some of you might have heard, I've been off on a short trip this weekend. Paris was beautiful!!! I was there with a cousin of mine and we had a perfect weekend of shopping and art. It was great. The Louvre is always an experience, and definately worth more than one visit (I've been before but it's HUGE so there's always something else to see). And because it was such a nice trip, I'm sharing some photos with you... ; P

Place de la Concorde with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Would have been nice if the tree had been in bloom already... ah well. 

Isn't this brilliant? A statue that includes a matress?? 

Groovy baby

stung by a scorpion... you can see it there in the middle

Michaelangelo's Dying Slave *snort*

and this is my favourite - Ares at rest... 
Nice, no?



Anna said...

So jealous! I went over Christmas and I miss Paris so much. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Theresa Milstein said...

That Eiffel Tower picture is beautiful. I've been to Paris 2x, for about 3 days each. Never enough. I miss it!

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Raquel Byrnes said...

Beautiful sculptures, but my favorite pic is your artsy 'through the branches' view of the tower. Great job.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Lola Sharp said...

LOVE Paris. I'm green with envy.
I like the through the tree shot of the tower, too. :)


M Pax said...

I would love to visit the Louvre. Paris is a long way from here, though.

Myne Whitman said...

Oh wow, those are some very lovely photos. welcome back.

BTW, I'm launching my second book next week and need all the help I can get. Please see details on my blog. Thanks!

Melissa said...

It looks absolutely WONDERFUL. I'm getting to go France this summer for a month with school and I am so excited to see all of this!!!

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