Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Super Snooper Blogfest

It's March 2nd today, and do you know what that means? It's Super Snooper Blogfest time!!

Without further ado....

High up in the Southern Tower there's a large, circular room accesible by a single narrow door on an almost deserted corridor of the Castle. The inner walls are bare stone, huge blocks of dark grey granite, the seams marked almost white by the characteristic clay mortar used in the North. The room smells faintly of cedarwood, beeswax and the kind of oil used to care for weapons and armor. 

There's a large bed on the eastern side, big enough for two. Blankets and furs and pillows are piled high at the back of the bed. The sheet is clean but the bed clearly hasn't been made up properly in some time. There's bits and pieces of clothing, some of them from a uniform, peeking out from under the white-oak bedframe. 

A desk, specially made to fit the rounded walls, covers much of the southern quarter of the room. There's a large window above it, flooding the room with cool white sunlight. The desk itself is accompanied by two chairs and surrounded by a veritable herd of books. They're teetering on messy piles like drunken soldiers, leaning against each other and the desk where they can. Left and right of the window, bits of paper are tacked all over the walls, sketches of battles past and notes analysing strategies. 

The surface of the desk is covered in parchments, books, pots of ink, pencils and quills. One of the ink pots has been knocked over and now stands as a lone island in a sea of black. To the left of the bed a large cedar clothes-chest stands open, messy contents clearly visible. The only properly folded clothes inside are sets of uniform, and even those could do with some pressing. 

To the right of the bed there's a large weapons' rack filled with various types of swords, daggers and even two lances propped up against the wall. Above the rack a parade shield hangs on the wall, shiny and beautiful and mostly for show. The real deal is only just visible from where it's hiding behind the door. Behind the shields, purposefully hidden from view, lie two sets of boots, one half-cleaned the other still covered in mud. 

There! Who do you think lives there? I've written about this room before. I'll let you know whose it is tomorrow, shall I? Or maybe you can guess? 

Thank you Alison for hosting this cool blogfest! Everyone else, let me know what you think then go see what everyone else's rooms look like

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